Corruption-02-1024x349Corruption is a vice that strangles our society. It needs to be fought with all means. The problem is: because of the corruption there is no money (it is all stolen, and donor support has been frozen), so the government does not adequately fund ACB, FIU and other corruption fighters.
But it is much simpler than that, there is a way to fight corruption that actually brings in money. All we need is a simple change in the labour laws: corruption on any scale must be a ground for immediate dismissal. For the civil service, the private sector and the NGO sector. It will clean out the bad apples that taint our organisations, it will make organisations more effective, and it will be a strong deterrent for would-be offenders. And it will save the salaries of the thieves that steal the money that rightfully is yours and mine. The labour courts must be instructed to tightly hold up this new regulation.
This will strengthen our civil service, NGO sector and private sector so that our country operates more effectively, and our economy will grow, creating job opportunities (for honest people!). Our country will be a step closer to development and to being a middle income country.


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